The empirical mathematics of enlightenment

Generally, people cultivate their material essence – wealth, intellect, demeanor, relationships and religion – but altogether fail to develop their inner essence – the spiritual essence within every sentient being. This usually causes an acute failure to find true in all they do, whether they become a king, a president, a dollar-millionaire and so on.

The human mind is the source of all suffering since it is the device with which we escape from the Garden of Eden. Lack of enlightened minds causes us to be like the donkey that carries a load of wool on one side, balanced by heavy sand on the other sand. Then we move on through life with tones of burdens while groping in the darkness for some peace of mind and others ceaselessly pray to God for some respite.

Yet this is the situation in all societies without exception. Understand that societies from different parts may appear to differ in mannerism and such kinds of things the human essence is basically the same. Hence the suffering I talk about is universal by nature. Below is a story to hammer this pin deeper.

Mullah Nasrudin was leading his donkey, heavily laden, along a road.

A curious traveler asked him: “What have you in those saddlebags?”

“One has wool, the other sand to balance the first”.

“But you could lighten your load by throwing away the sand and dividing the wool into equal weights to balance each other”.

“You must be a genius!” said Nasrudin, and he did as the man advised. He continued on his journey.
After a little time the Mullah looked at his friend whom he met on the journey and had not seen him in a long while and said to him after the pleasantries of greetings, “You appear very poorly dressed. Surely this must be from choice, since you are so clever a man?”

“No, it is not”, responded the friend.

“Then you have become a king, or a mystic sage – or, on the contrary perhaps you have been bewitched by some wicked magician?”

“No!” replied the man.

“Then you have become a poor man these days?”

“Yes, of course I have”.

Nasrudin started to put all his wool back into one saddlebag.

“Fill this other sack again with sand from the roadside”, he said, “because if your knowledge has put you into poorer clothes than even I have, I’d be better off with my old ways”.

A person becomes poor the moment he fails to Realize the Essence within himself. That is the source of all his suffering, not other as many suppose. This is the most basic truth in all mystical sciences of the past, present and future. That way, even though one be a billionaire or a pauper, without true Self-Realization they are still mired in illusion, forever remaining in bewilderment of sensual objects.

Thusly, the fool, since devoid of all conscientious attitudes as regards the accessories of perfect enlightenment, is at any given instance tainted by faults, regardless of whether he is disguised with fine clothes. On the other hand, the truly Awakened who is clothed with pure conscience is free of any taint of human faults, no matter if he is quite naked.

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