To live on as a child

Seeing everything is pure imagination,

Knowing the Self as timelessly free,

And understanding the Self to be under constant purification,

The Sage lives on as a child.

Knowing himself as Absolute Awareness,

Thoroughly knowing existence and non-existence

To be composed of the stuff of imagination only,

What is there for the desireless one

to learn, say or do??

Thusly, he lives on happily as a child.

Knowing for certain that all is Self,

The Sage has no trace of thoughts

Such as “I am like this” or “I am like that”.

Instead he lives on as a child without any psychological defilements arising from names, labels or forms.

3 thoughts on “To live on as a child

  1. Yes!!! A child has no attachments to outcomes and no thought beyond the moment. They scurry from task to task. Doing for the joy of doing. This is what I’m remembering, and how I want to relearn to write. I don’t want to think or expect but to allow spontaneity

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