Unexcelled courage of the Perfect Master

On universal enlightenment

There is that innate potential in every human being to attune their conscience to a higher purpose in current or future life. But unfortunately, many are those who fail to discover this essence either in this life or in the next since that has to be cultivated to certain degrees before any tangible effects can be derived thereof. Therefore, the main meditative realizations of conscience to serve greater Cause arise from one’s own mind the first time: that is, from undivided devotion to the teaching to the highest goal, from aspiration for unsurpassable Nirvana, from unequalled mastery of Truth, from non-conceptual awareness and wisdom, and from a perfectly unified mind.

The courage of a fully awakened Teacher – the perfect Master – excels that of others by its nature, varieties and firmness. True and enlightened courage consists of effort, great concentration, wisdom, altruism, and formidable endurance. Thereby, the perfect Master proceeds fearlessly in fulfilling his mission for universal enlightenment, undisturbed by hindrances heretofore mentioned.
For the one who lacks “perfection” hindrances arise, as is custom for all human endeavors done without the torch of complete illumination of the same and the cosmos. With respect to this, during all activities, fear arises from a depressed attitude and due to lack of enthusiasm; from wavering of determination, due to mental instability – the main symptom of spiritual sleep; or from delusion, due to not knowing the appropriate liberative art. These are cured by the aforesaid: effort, concentration and so on in a spontaneous fashion – that is they are performed without deliberation. This paragraph is enough to show why quacks can never help anyone to awaken from their sleep because they lack the quintessential ingredients in the first place.

The unexcelled courage of the Perfect Master is born naturally, in vows, in abandon, in practice for living beings, in learning the profound and magnificent Teachings, in the difficulty of taming the minds of the disciples, in the inconceivability of the corpus of his teachings to others (derived from his discoveries of the Eternal Law), in various transactions, in the non-abhorrence of the cycle of life and in the totally non-transcended (the mundane). The courage of the Perfect Master is unequalled by others, and so is considered the champion of the truly brave.

The Perfect Master is not shaken by wicked friends (betrayal or denial, as Jesus was betrayed and denied by some of his favorite followers), sufferings or the hearing of the profound, just as Mt. Kenya is not shaken by butterflies, the wind of wings of the birds, or even the depth of the great oceans. The indefatigability of the Perfect Master is peerless in three things: thirst for learning [just as a perfect Buddha learns by Teaching], great effort, and great tolerance of challenges; and he is firmly grounded in conscience and courage.

Technically, the indefatigability of the Perfect Master arises from his intense zeal for universal enlightenment.

One thought on “Unexcelled courage of the Perfect Master

  1. Even fish struggle hardest to stay afloat in the waves along the coast. Perhaps we should stop thinking the sand is the safe place and look to swim in the free and open currents of the ocean we are already in.


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