Dispensation of the perfect Buddha – Part III

Just to hear you brings joy;

just to look upon you somehow calms the heart;

your speech refreshes and your teaching frees.

People and even gods rejoice at your your final birth,

they celebrate as you grow,

undoubtedly, they benefit in your presence, aware or not,

and secretly sorrow in your absence.

Just to praise you removes faults,

to recollect about you brings joy,

to follow you gives unexcelled understanding,

to know you well purifies the heart.

To approach you brings fortune,

to serve with you gives immense wisdom,

to worship Suchness dispels fear,

to wait upon you bestows infinite prosperity.

You are a great lake of goodness,

with waters purified by true virtue,

surface calmed by unsurpassable meditation

and depths stilled by vast wisdom.

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