The box in the box in the box

Life as we know is just a single dimension of the coin. Yet a coin consists of three separate surface areas. We live aware of one side only because that is the easiest to abide in – only the addiction of the senses is required. The second dimension is also perceived by all since this is what consists of the mind. The first dimension – the body – needs the mind order to function properly and vice versa.

The third dimension is, apparently out of the reach of ‘children’. Here the world ‘children’ is a colloquial for spiritual sleep. This is different since it does not at all follow the presumptuous dependencies if of the first two realms – body and mind. This is a mountain peak whose reach is difficult since the first two realms have to be transcended first. As the title of this article suggests, to abide in this peak of consciousness is to see the outside the box that’s in a box that’s in yet in another box.

To further propound this the joke below tells it all. Mullah Nasrudin serves to highlight the difficulties an enlightened man experiences in trying to teach the inexpressible experience. Far too many only see the material aspects of life and miss out on the bigger picture. Yet the “bigger picture” does not rely on the ordinary logic in it’s attainment.

What I need?

“I am going for shopping, Mullah. Is there anything you need?” enquired the beloved wife.

“Ah, yes!” responded Mullah Nasrudin.

“What is it?” came the wife, eagerly.

“A hair cut”.

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