The mind of the ignorant

The ignorant practice prayer,

meditation, contemplation and no-thought.

The truly wise,

like men in deep sleep,

do nothing.

The ignorant man finds no peace

either by effort or non-effort.

The supremely wise man,

by Truth alone, is perfectly stilled.

9 thoughts on “The mind of the ignorant

  1. I practice prayer and meditation,then act as I feel the Universe directing me. It hasn’t caused any problems for anyone, thus far. It is when I have NOT prayed and meditated beforehand, that problems have arisen.

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  2. Yes. I am not against all that at all. My emphasis is that you should get stuck in those practices due to the complacency that comes with the mind and body. Am illustrating on something more than just practice.

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  3. Prayer used to be a ritual for me. I felt guilty if I neglected to do so. Then, I disengaged myself from organized religion. The guilt I used to feel when I didn’t pray……. miraculously went away.

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