The mind of the liberated one

The mind of the liberated one

is neither troubled nor pleased.

It is actionless, motionless, desireless

and absolutely free of doubt.

The liberated one

does not exert effort

to meditate, pray or act.

Action, prayer and meditation just happy.

Thusly, he basks in the boundless Bliss of perfect enlightenment.

Having discovered the unsurpassable Thatness and Isness,

He is forever happy.

7 thoughts on “The mind of the liberated one

  1. Some feelings seem common to many mystics. These are symbolic expressions, not of one person, and are felt simultaneously. The radiance of endless Love dissolved conflicts of the exterior world. Absolute Truth in intuitive insight replaced knowing through images and words. Ultimate Reality absorbed them and illusions of separate realities disappeared. The bliss of Oneness surpassed all the pleasures in earthly multiplicity.

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