The art of dream interpretation

There are numerous types of dreams — some useful some useless.

All dreams arise from the mind — the conscious and subconscious mind,

But the useful dreams have a linkage to the super-conscious mind,

Which is well beyond the reach of a staggering majority.

Provided below is a few examples of useful dreams and their meaning.

A dream of beautiful flowers on one’s right

Shows the growth of one’s outer and inner merits.

A dream of a jade-green meadow

Indicates that one will know Bliss-Wisdom

Through constant practice of transcendental meditation.

Blooming flowers of various types would show how

The various experiences of different stages

Will grow, step by step, within one.

Luxuriant golden leaves

Set upon a high seat would imply

That one’s mind will never be sullied by suffering of whatever kind,

Keeping like a lotus its head above the mud.

A fountain playing before one would show

That one’s fountain of Enlightenment will ever spout.

A fire blazing from one’s body symbolizes

That the warm and blissful wisdom of the transcendences

Will melt the ice of wandering thoughts.

Sun and moon shining forth

Would presage one’s ever remaining in

The never-coming, never-going realm of Great Light.

To foresee by judging such signs correctly

Is a virtue bestowed by perfect enlightenment;

Though it’s harmful to be attached

And fond of dream interpretation,

Thereby incurring ills and hindrances for attaining Suchness.

Knowing that dreams are but illusions,

One can use them to gain a broader understanding of the Holy Path.

Yet, how can you explain complex dreams

Without thorough Knowledge?

Some evil dreams appear as good —

But only an accomplished expert sees that they presage ill;

Only a Master of the Art

Can recognize good .

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