The selfishness of the ignorant

Unable to stand steady

and eager for salvation,

the ignorant unknowingly perpetuate

the illusions of the world.

Seeing the world

as the source of all misery,

the wise cut it off at the root.

19 thoughts on “The selfishness of the ignorant

  1. Yes. I have been a wanderer most of my life and I have had the best “rewards” in these moments of solitude….slowly by slowly the friendship between me and I increase and the inner “conversations” go a long way in bringing the serenity – a garden where other spiritual cultivations can occur unperturbed.

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  2. Actually, it is only the person who knows how immerse herself in the deep seas of solitude, which is the highest level of communion, that can really be perfectly sociable because she knows how to be Present and thereby doesn’t arise “as a fish in a pool rises when the waves arise”.

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