To transcend enlightenment itself

Shogen, an enlightened Master, once asked, “Why does the enlightened man not stand on his feet and explain himself to the world”.

He also said, “It is not necessary for speech to come from the tongue”.

And he added, “Why can’t the enlightened man cut away the entanglements around his feet?’

Why doesn’t the Awakened man succeed in explaining the essence of Enlightenment? The Ultimate Truth of the universe, the Truth of life cannot be explained through the conventional means – anyone who tries, more often than not, fails miserably. If one wishes to know what Truth or Enlightenment is, he must realize it by himself. The path to heaven is ever narrow, never allowing crowds.

Why does speech not necessarily come from the tongue? Spiritual oratory need not be constricted to certain technique, quality of voice or beauty of voice. It can be the shout of life itself. Throughout history men and women who were endowed with superior oratory faculties led many astray for the simple reason that the ordinary man in the world is easily attached to such. For example, one would wonder why the modern music artists that have the best voices have so many followers and worshippers yet most of them communicate nothing of essence in the songs – just secularism and praise of material realms.

Why can the enlightened man not walk freely? If he attached to his own enlightenment, as is common of saints and most enlightened Mystics, he is permanently hobbled.

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