The fallacy of creating understanding from the fingers of an empty fist

A real man has no need to give himself the airs of a real man

Thoughts, in the mind of the lost one,

do nothing but create understanding

from the fingers of an empty fist,

and vainly kneading dough (to conjure phantasms)

with the mind, senses and the sense fields.

The spiritually asleep do not believe

in the things in his own house,

so he goes outside searching,

and fall into the trap of words and

phrases of the old masters or prophets;

Relying on Yin, leaning on Yang,

he cannot arrive at any real understanding

of his own.

Thusly, encountering circumstances,

he enters into relationship with them —

this hinders his own Realization.

Ignorance is cumulative by nature.

The ignorant, encountering the dusts (ancient scripture or knowledge for attainment of Self),

he clings upon them.

Whereupon everything he touches

leads him astray,

for he lacks a standard of judgement of his own.

4 thoughts on “The fallacy of creating understanding from the fingers of an empty fist

  1. There’s nothing more distracting than searching for things we think we need… I wonder if that is why we have shadows — to remind us to stop and consider our own substance before we clutter up the homes we keep fleeing with needless diversions!

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  2. For sure. You are very right. Thanks for the enlightenment. How have you been though? How is America? I was tickled yesterday to see the Hawaiian activists carrying placard in the face of Trump saying that Hawaii is Kenya!
    Interpret please.

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  3. Hawaii is the birthplace of former President Obama… who for the duration of his presidency, current President Trump claimed is not even a U.S. citizen (impossible even if considered as U.S. presidential candidates must be U.S. citizens and are vetted by our government as such). With Obama’s father being from Kenya, Hawaii was simply stating that Trump was in Obama Country, and they are proud of it and Obama. This is also an answer to the obnoxious, radical right bullying we hear in the U.S. by Trump supporters who intimidate minorities and immigrants by declaring “this is Trump Country now!” as justification for their abuse. So it is indicative of the divisions currently in the U.S. between isolationists and the rest of us — not as big a division as our enemies would hope, as bullies just tend to be louder. Most of the U.S. is still Obama Country. We just don’t have the bullhorn right now.

    Self? Struggling through the increasing stress of working retail during the holidays…That and managing my writing while reviewing and revising, and keeping my writing group on track… It’s been tough!

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  4. I didn’t know that America still have these challenges. I thought now all energy is being directed towards building the Great Wall. Thanks for all that info.

    What market segment does your retail work deal with? Insurance? And how does the pressure arise? Is it due to an overwhelming number of clients or work?

    You have a writing group? Then, I didn’t know you are writing, would love to have a glimpse if you don’t mind..


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