A mind not masked by cares

If one sees their true Nature,

they transcend the need to read scriptures

and invoke holy names.

Erudition and too much information are

not only useless but also

cloud one’s awareness.

Doctrines are only for pointing to the Self.

Once one realizes his Self,

why pay attention to the doctrines?

To go from mortal to fully awakened,

one has to put an end to karma,

nurture their awareness,

and embrace what life brings.

For, once mortals discover their true nature,

all attachments end.

Awareness isn’t hidden anymore.

Perfect understanding begins to come naturally.

8 thoughts on “A mind not masked by cares

  1. Scriptures are cool ! They are the simultaneous revelations of the reader+the act of reading and that which is being read. They are not before or after but I agree they cannot be read by a mind because they are not revelations of a mind.

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  2. “When I turn back beyond my senses and reason and pass through the door into eternal life, I discover my true Self, then I begin to see the world as it really is.” Bede Griffiths C

    (1907–93) Benedictine monk; prior of ashram in India. Wrote “Marriage of East and West.”

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