Humor: The dilemma of the mystic and his enlightenment

The concept of the unteachable
The Sufi story below provides a dramatic illustration of how a person discovers the inexpressible state-of-being, then they discover that everybody in the world talks about it but all the words and phrases that may be used to express this indescribable state fall short of the true meaning. It is impossible to sell the idea of enlightenment to the worldly men – they already are too full of ‘knowledge’ concerning That, as Nasrudin experiences shortly after his own enlightenment. People in the world throughout history put on the airs of having a genuine interest in something MORE but the wise know better.

The perpetual spiritual sleep of mankind

Strange to relate, Mulla Nasrudin had never seen a cat in his life when he found one on the road into town one day.

“Aha!” he thought, “this may be a rare animal – it is pretty enough – I will try to sell it”.

The first man he met said:
“What a pretty pussy!”

Nasrudin said: “Do you want to buy it?”
“No, thank you”, said the man.

“I know what they are called, anyway”, said Nasrudin. Presently another man came past.

“It is scarcely more than a kitten”, he said.
“Do you want to buy it?” asked the Mulla.
“No, I don’t”, said the man.

“They have more than one name”, observed Nasrudin to himself.

Then, when he reached town, someone else came up to him.
“What a beautiful Persian”, he said.
“Do you want to buy it?” asked the Mulla.
“No”, said the man.

“Everyone is ignorant of the true name of these animals, that is obvious”, said Nasrudin to himself, “and they cover up by inventing names for them. Therefore they must be exceedingly rare”.

He spent the whole of the day trying to find a buyer, and spent half a dollar on meat for the animal.

Then he found himself in front of a pet shop.
“How much will you give me for this one?” he asked the owner.

“It’s only a tabby, and not worth a single dollar”, said the man.

Nasrudin let the beautiful cat jump down. “A day’s work, half a dollar, and nothing! You may have plenty of names, but you are not worth much when it comes down to facts, are you?”

3 thoughts on “Humor: The dilemma of the mystic and his enlightenment

  1. “they already are too full of ‘knowledge’” : mmmmm. That is the issue. You have to be present to cut through that centuries of accumulated knowledge. Those with this assignment have been given a great task in deed. If you use their language, they will remain asleep. You have to be the Truth and use another manner of speech. This way, they will catch a glimpse of light. When it comes to awakening humanity, the message and the messenger must be one.

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  2. I love Nasrudin. He helps us see through the nonsense of life (and makes me laugh).
    Another story:
    Nasrudin walked into a house and exclaimed, “The moon is more useful than the sun.”
    “Why?” he was asked.
    “Because at night we need the light more.”

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