The fallacy of using mind to search mind – Part II

The fool tries to control the mind

with the mind – what folly!

The wise one delights in the Self alone.

There is no mind to master or search.

For he who thinks that true knowledge

constitutes of things and mere ideas,

how can there be Self-Knowledge?

The wise do not see things as separate –

only the timeless Self.

Weak intellectuals may perceive

the Self as One without “other”.

But, being mired in sheer illusion,

they do not actually know Self,

and thusly live out their lives in utter misery.

6 thoughts on “The fallacy of using mind to search mind – Part II

  1. Do we not all live in fantasy. We can dress up our ideas with fancy words and wonderful patternes to be observed but without certainty we are always following shadows constructed by the extistance we desperately cling to. The self is shapeless and ever changing and never present. The self is a wonderful advisor but a terrible king.

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  2. You are speaking from a level that you will transcend one day and will talk differently as you do now. Allegiance for Truth keeps changing as one makes more realizations and when more is revealed to them.


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