Truth is beyond logic, words and silence

A monk once asked Fuketsu, “Without speaking, without silence, how can you express the Ultimate Truth?”

Fuketsu, a completely enlightened Zen Master, observed, “I always remember springtime in South Carolina. The birds sing beautiful hymns amongst innumerable kinds of fragrant flowers.”

Truth beyond words

When asked, Fuketsu expressed the Truth in his own way. The Ultimate Truth is beyond logic, beyond words or silence. One has to know it by one’s own experience, as surely as master Fuketsu knew it.

Water does not quench the burning thirst however long one gazes at it or explains its thirst-quenching properties. Unless one drinks it, the thirst remains. The same is true of honey: however much a scientist may know about the properties of honey, bees and flowers, it is only by eating it that he can know its taste. This is how enlightenment works.

6 thoughts on “Truth is beyond logic, words and silence

  1. Contemporary mystics sometimes speak of being born again. After absorption in oneness, they view existence from a broader perspective. The universal essence, which had engulfed them, is later felt as background to everything they experience. Living has greater purpose, even if they cannot explain it in words.

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