Delusion implies mortality

Using the mind to look for reality is utter delusion

Whoever realizes that the six seductions of the senses do not exist in reality, and that the five aggregates are sheer fictions, that no such things can be located anywhere in the body, understands the language of all Buddhas and supremely enlightened ones of the past, present and future. The ancient Masters said: “The existence of the five aggregates is the hall of enlightenment (Zen). The opening of the inner eye is the door to unexcelled Bliss.” What could be clearer?

Not thinking about anything is Zen. Once you know this, walking, standing, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is Zen. To know the mind is empty is to realize your Buddha-nature. To give up your illusions without regret is the highest form of charity. To transcend stillness and restlessness of the mind is the highest meditation. Mortals are ever restless in the mind, and the saints abide in utter stillness. But the highest meditation is that which surpasses both that of mortals and saints. People who reach such rare understanding free themselves of attachments and mental addictions without effort and cure all their shortcomings/frailties/karma without treatment. Such is the power of great Zen and authentic altruism.

Using the ordinary mind to understand reality is sheer delusion. Using the no-mind to look for reality is pure awareness. Freeing oneself from mere words and empty talk is true liberation. Remaining unblemished by the dusts of sensuous experiences is guarding the awareness of Truth. Transcending life and death is to be attuned to a superior life and Divine purpose.

The Way back to the Holy Mother

Not suffering more existences in future lives is reaching the Ultimate Way back to the Holy Mother. Not creating delusions is enlightenment. Not engaging in ways of ignorance is pure wisdom. Lack of afflictions is Nirvana.

Delusion means mortality; and pure awareness means to realize one’s Buddha-nature – perfect Awakening. These two are not the same, neither are they different. It’s just that people of the world don’t distinguish delusion from awareness. When we’re deluded there is a world (or life experience) to escape. When we are aware of Thatness, there is absolutely nothing to escape – neither baseness nor sanctity.

11 thoughts on “Delusion implies mortality

  1. Just a thought…. The Tree of Knowledge offered wisdom that was borrowed whereas the Tree of Life wisdom is assimilated from experience-gained knowledge… Check out my 1st blog… About how God rolled the dice with Adam and Eve….

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  2. “We may compare it to a mirror which, though it doesn’t contain any forms, can nevertheless reflect all forms. Why? Because it is free from mental activity. If your mind was clear, it wouldn’t give rise to delusions, and its attachments to subject and object would vanish; then purity would arise by itself, and you would be capable of such perception.” Hui-Hai B
    Note: (720–814) Established Chan/Zen monastic rules.

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