Maitreya Buddha – Unsurpassed guide of men

A Buddha is a fully awakened being,

One whose eye of Enlightenment is

fully opened without remainder.

He is Such by nature.

He admonishes the stubborn,

restrains the hasty and straightens the crooked.

He encourages the slow-minded and harnesses the tamed.

Such is the unsurpassed guide of men.

He has sincere pity for the suffering,

goodwill for the happy,

compassion for the distressed,

and unconditional benevolence for all.

The hostile and selfish evoke his warmth,

the ‘wandering’ receive his help,

the fierce find him tender.

How wonderful is his heart!

If father and mother are to be honored

because of deep concern for their beloved children,

what reverence should such a one receive

whose love has no limits?

A living Buddha,

He is a wall of safety

for those hovering at the edge of the cliff,

those blind to their own welfare,

and those who, due to lack of awareness,

are their own worst enemy.

11 thoughts on “Maitreya Buddha – Unsurpassed guide of men

  1. I read a opening mind book when in Uni I am not sure what its title is in English so I will just translated literally.It is called “thoughts without a thinker” and your inspiring posts made me want to get it back out from the shelf and read it again❤️thank you

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  2. Wow. Please tell me the title when you remember so I can also have a look. Thoughts without a thinker is the highest level of being – where thoughts do not cloud one’s awareness at all.


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