The appearance of appearance as no appearance

Detachment is enlightenment

The essence of true enlightenment is detachment. And the goal of those who practice pure awareness is freedom from mundane appearances. All the scriptures in the world speak in unison when they reiterate that: Detachment is enlightenment because it negates appearances. As such Buddhahood means total, unexcelled awareness.

Mortals whose minds imbibe and cultivate in awareness eventually reach the Way of enlightenment and are therefore called Buddhas. Socrates was a Buddha. Pythagoras was a Buddha. Jesus was on his way to Buddhahood. Lao Tzu was a Buddha. Zoroaster was a Buddha. Moses the prophet was a Buddha. The list is endless. As aforesaid, all types of scriptures agree on one thing: Those who successfully free themselves from all appearances are termed Awakened or Enlightened or Buddhas. Therefore, the appearance of appearance as no appearance cannot be seen visually (by use of carnal eyes) but can only be known by means of nonconceptual intuitive wisdom and transcendent insight.

This is a teaching that eludes the understanding of many over countless centuries past. But the discerning person who hearkens this profound teaching embarks on the Great Way and successfully leaves the three realms of greed, anger and delusion. All other human taints are pillared upon these three; as is all human suffering a function of these three as well.

To successfully leave (transcend) the three realms means to go from greed, anger and delusion back to morality, meditation and wisdom. Anyone capable of reflection sees that these three ‘poisons’ have no nature of their own – they are empty by nature. While these are stepping stones, they indulgence and subsequent transcendence leads to one’s realization of their Buddha-nature – perfect enlightenment.

16 thoughts on “The appearance of appearance as no appearance

  1. Hahaha! Thanks for the sincere joke. Its an honor to find the favor of your approbation. I can explain.
    I dont write; I preach. I have never been a writer all my life, not until this calling appeared on my door, I tried chasing It away, haha, and think It would run away, It started chasing me instead – and here I am!

    Thanks Mr Simon.


  2. Interesting…it’s easy to lose intended meaning once the words are selected in effort to express it…detachment??? To become detached implies that you were attached which implies belief in continuity which negates impermanence which opens door to emotional suffering…maybe to be in a state of non-attachment precedes detachment and points to being enlightened about how the ignorance of craving attachment is the root f all suffering…see what I mean…about the word selection? Thanks for post…

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  3. What if they won’t let you Detach no matter how much you try? (No, offence and certainly Not aimed towards yourself).

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  4. If they don’t let me (I use myself as an example) then I do it at a mental level and with time, if practiced properly all else will follow the lead. I wish I can be more helpful, for the cure provided in this response could appear to be a bit obscure if not penetrated deeply.


  5. “When you lose yourself in God, you proclaim the divine unity. Lose the sense of ‘being lost’ – that is complete detachment.” Sharafuddin Maneri
    Note: (1263–1381) Indian Sufi.

    “Unify your heart constantly, at all times, at all hours, in all places, thinking of nothing except me, as I appear in my Torah and ritual. This is the mystery of unity, where a person yokes himself literally with his Creator. Your attitude toward everything in this world must be one of detachment…unifying himself with his source completely.”
    Joseph ben Ephraim Caro (1488–1575). Rabbinic authority.

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