The Great Perfection

In the immanence of Truth

There’s no need to read the scriptures or countless books;

Those who consult such

Are far from Immanence.

The Great Perfection does not rely on dogmas;

If an obstinate creed or precept arises,

It is not the Great Perfection.

In the Pure Awareness realm there is no

Acceptance or rejection. If there

Be, it is not the Pure Awareness.

In the experience of Great Bliss

There is neither right or wrong.

If either of the two arises,

It is not Great Bliss.

The great Middle Way cannot be described;

Nor can it be defined or conceptualized,

For if it could,

It would not be the great Middle Way.

By practicing the correct awareness,

Conviction will grow in one’s mind.

With complete Realization,

That awareness morphs into perfect enlightenment.

4 thoughts on “The Great Perfection

  1. “…there is no need for endless reading. In order to quiet the mind one has only to inquire within oneself what one’s Self [soul] is; how could this search be done in books?”
    Ramana Maharshi (1879–1950): Attained union at age 17. (Great saint of South India; idealized by Carl Jung).

    “May I be far removed from contending creeds and dogmas. Ever since my Lord’s grace entered my mind, My mind has never strayed to seek such distractions.”
    Milarepa [Mi-la Ras-pa] (1043–1123): Instrumental in founding Kagyu; he remains exemplary to many Tibetans

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  2. Yes. These are among the best Gurus that have existed in the East. We shall forever cherish and teach their enlightenment to others. I never knew Carl Jung had interests in Enlightenment though?


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