An extremely thin line between Heaven and Hell?


To find the perfect enlightenment, one has to discover their True Nature. Whoever realizes his true nature is Awakened. If one doesn’t see their own nature, invoking holy names, reciting scriptures and sutras, making offerings, building statues, and keeping precepts are all useless. Invoking holy names results in good karma, reciting scriptures results in good memory; keeping precepts or commandments results in a good rebirth, and making offerings results in future blessings – but no perfect Enlightenment or Liberation.

If one doesn’t understand by himself, he would have to find a reliable and dependable Teacher to help get to the bottom of life and death. But unless he sees his own true nature in pellucid clarity, such a person isn’t a Teacher. Even if he can eloquently recite the world’s most revered scriptures, he cannot escape the wheel of birth and death – endless suffering from one life to the next. He suffers in the lower realms of existence without hope for release. Unless one transcends his own mind, cramming and reciting so much prose and quotes is utterly useless.

To find enlightenment all one has to do is see his true intrinsic nature. One’s true nature is the Buddha-nature; and Buddha (the Awakened) is he who’s free: free of plans, free of cares. If one cannot see his or her intrinsic nature and runs like a headless chicken all day (lifetime) looking elsewhere, he’ll never find even the slightest glimpse of the sweet dews of enlightenment.
The Truth Is, there is nothing to ‘find’. Ultimate Truth abides in Thatness – it is such by nature! However, to reach such an understanding, one needs a Teacher (to point the Way for them) and one also needs to struggle to make themselves understand. Life and death, ignorance and suffering, are important as they are exemplars of all humanity of the past, present and future. Thus, one shouldn’t suffer them in vain, for, there is no advantage in self-deception. Even though one might have mountains of wealth and innumerable numbers of subordinates, one only sees them when their eyes are open (alive). But what about when their eyes are shut (dead)? Hence, one should realize, then, that everything they see or perceive is like a dream or illusion. When dreams or illusions come to pass, we are usually left clenching an empty fist.

Yet those arrogant enough not find a Teacher live this life in vain. It’s true what people say, you already have the Buddha-nature; but without the kind help of a Teacher (Perfect Master) you can never know or see It. Only one person in a billion becomes enlightened without a Teacher’s help. If through the conjunction of conditions (as is the case of Buddha Maitreya and all Bodhisattvas), someone understands what the old Masters and supremely enlightened Teachers meant, then that person doesn’t need a Spiritual Teacher. Such a person has a natural awareness superior to anything taught. But unless you’re so blessed, you should study hard, and by means of receiving Pith-Instructions you’ll gain the transcendental understanding.

People who don’t understand and think they can do so without study are no different from those deluded and fallen souls who cannot tell Yin from Yang. Falsely proclaiming Truth and Enlightenment, such persons in fact blaspheme God himself, the Buddhas, Christs, and all other CHOSEN ONES; and they also subvert the Truth, tainting it and making it out of reach for the future generations. Such fallen souls preach as if they were bringing rain; but theirs is the preaching of devils, not of truly enlightened men or Buddhas. Their teacher is the King of Devils and their students are the Devil’s minions. These are commonly referred to as ‘false prophets’ in the modern world; though, they are very hard to recognize since their eloquence attracts many. Deluded people who follow such people and their instructions unwittingly sink deeper in the Sea of Birth and Death – the path to Hell in their own future lives. It’s worthwhile to note that the atheist thinks his future fate is safe and secure because he doesn’t believe in anything – neither existence nor non-existence. Also its alarming to observe that even the modern religions are just cheating forms of atheism.

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