Art of solitude


Through one’s Guru’s grace one is
Able to stay in perfect communion with the Self.
The adept pray that they are enabled
To remain in the Bliss of perfect solitude.

Thusly, the well-gifted seeker listens attentively.
When you dwell in solitude,
Think not of whispered accusations,
Lest you stir your mind with anger.
When you meditate with your Guru [if you lack one you expediently visualize one],
Think not of religious or spiritual affairs,
Lest you fall into utter confusion –
An empty mind is the “philosopher’s stone”.

When engrossed in meditation,
Meet no friend or companion – either physically or online,
Since distractions are costly in the long run,
Since they interfere with your devotions.

When you practice the Pure Awareness’
Skillful Path, yearn not for learning through ceaseless reading,
Lest to the wrong path you stray.
When in solitude you dwell alone,
Think not of living lest
Evil thoughts arise.

It is through perseverance
That the Holy Truth is attained.
It is through hard-work that the pains of suffering
And ignorance are relieved.
The lucky lets his/her Guru help them to bring
Forth the True Enlightenment!
They let the Wise Man help them to the Last Realization
That Enlightenment and all forms are one!

The ignorant and arrogant, on the other hand, erroneously
Think of themselves as self-sufficient and ‘complete’,
By the virtue of their blemish and transgressions from life to life,
Can’t help but be reborn as hungry and emaciated ghosts
In some of their transmigrations,
Due to their colossal greed and selfishness in the present life.
This is because there is no hiding place in this tiny world
That the law of cause and effect (karma) does not reach,
And so with an exact justice the law acts as
Immutably as the sun arises from the East and West
Without ever behaving in the opposite over millions of years!

2 thoughts on “Art of solitude

  1. Majority think that a human in solitude is alone. But, some others know that this necessarily not be the case ;there are some types of men, who, in their aloneness, stay connected to The All.

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