Maitreyanatha – the Blessed One

Dharma – that which ‘sustains’

For the welfare of the world,
And to help beings transcend it,
He lights the lamp of unsurpassable wisdom
Among those who dwell in darkness.

When worldly attachments are at stake,
Men and gods act at variance with each other.
But because they can now enjoy the
Dharma [Teaching concerning Enlightenment] in harmony,
They are heretofore reconciled in you.

O Blessed One, you shall give the comfort
Of the Dharma unstintingly to all and sundry,
Regardless of class, status, or age,
Regardless of time or place.

As though amazed and envious,
The gods and devas (angels) honor, with
Joined palms, even your acquaintances,
Who, unlike them, are from amazement and envy –

Ah! How brilliant is the arising of a living Buddha,
That cream of the greatest Sages of past, present and future.
Because of his appearance (in the world) the gods envy mankind.

4 thoughts on “Maitreyanatha – the Blessed One

  1. I used to be in the military and have PTSD. Your blog is an inspiration. When I read it in the mornings, I experience a sense of calm that enables me to get out of the house and actually enjoy my day. Thank you my friend. Peace be with you brother.

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  2. Its my pleasure to receive such generous feedback from you my venerable friend, Mr. Reynolds.
    Actually, this message I teach here in my blog is the ultimate remedy for all human suffering, since it cures the mind and all illnesses originate from the mind. You are most welcome. This is enough inspiration to keep my faculties “electrically charged” for the next weeks.
    Thanks a lot bro.


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