Awareness – the true religion


Enlightenment, unlike everything else in the world, is not an object – elusive, non-graspable. This is where everyone goes wrong when they objectify this SUCHNESS when they look for it in a temple, statues, church, mosque, images, shrines, and so on – it is not something to be earned the way we earn salaries or love from someone who is attracted by us. What can possibly be attained?

To abide in pure awareness is to be SUCH BY NATURE – where even focusing on one’s thoughts (mind), a power (leadership), an understanding (spiritual attainments), or a view (illumination) is impossible for the perfectly aware – he is above all these. That is, the mind of an awakened one isn’t one-sided. The nature of his mind is basically empty, neither pure nor impure. He’s free of this or that practice and dogma. He is free of cause and effect; karma doesn’t taint his beingness, on the contrary karma stays on, subdued, to serve and flatter him.

He who abides in pure awareness doesn’t have the need to observe whatever precepts; he doesn’t do good or evil; he isn’t energetic or lazy. An Awakened one is someone who does nothing (what else is there to desire for a king who reclaims his throne in great struggle that spans many years of endless guerilla warfare?), someone who can’t even focus his mind on enlightenment itself. An enlightened person is not enlightened [no pun intended].

People who don’t discover their true nature and yet imagine they can practice pure awareness all the time till it becomes natural as the way we learn to use either left or right hands (save for the few, peculiar ambidextrous folks), fool and lie unto themselves. They fall into endless space. They become like drunkards; they cannot tell good from evil. If one intends to cultivate pure awareness (symbolized “the true religion”) he has to discover his intrinsic nature first before he can transcend rational thoughts and mind into a place of enlightenment. To attain perfect enlightenment without one realizing his nature is impossible – so the process happens withinwards-outwards. The flowering has to start from the Inside.

The principle of cause-and-effect

Still there’s a peculiar type that commit all sorts of evil deeds, claiming that karma (the principle of cause-and-effect as a function of one’s countless lives through innumerable centuries) doesn’t exist. They erroneously maintain that since everything appears to be material (without any visible soul) and empty, committing evil is not wrong at all. Such persons eventually (in the short-term or long-term according to the power of their karma) fall into a hell of endless darkness with no hope of release. Therefore, those who are wise and truly aware hold no such conception.

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