Storms in a tea-cup

In our day to day life we experience emotions that arise, out of our ‘apparent’ control, from nowhere and seemingly impact our well-being tremendously. Usually, for as long as a man is still in his spiritual sleep, he walks through life under spontaneous torment that arises from the non-stilled mind. The non-stilled mind is the ordinary way of life in all societies of the past, present and future since the human mind is universally same.

In life, we run about everything else other than the nature of our mind and how we can be in total control of the same. It is difficult to experience permanent stillness and inner-peace in the modern world as that requires a sincere quest for enlightenment which is the greatest enemy of the ego as that heralds the annihilation of the ego-mind itself.

Thereby, from time to time one will experience suffering that arises from the unenlightened mind usually in the form of foreign emotions like stress, anger, temper, envy, excitement and so on. But there is a place of enlightenment beyond all these drama. These are just like storms in a tea cup for the enlightened since if you transcend the mind, all that arises from it just gets witnessed as though it were happening to someone else. I shall provide a Sufi joke to further expound on this important subject of discussion.


Nasrudin’s wife suffered from bouts of ill-temper. When this happened, people usually became very frightened.

One day some neighbors came running to the teahouse.

“Quickly, Nasrudin!” they cried, “Your wife has lost her wits!”

“Lost property is the concern of the police”, said Nasrudin; “and, for my part, I shall testify, if suspected, that I never knew that she had any”.

14 thoughts on “Storms in a tea-cup

  1. My interpretation of the ego is that of an entity which desires control over us. I see thoughts as clouds in the sky of the mind passing through. Many of us see the clouds and ignore the open sky. If we watch the clouds from a place of silence (still our minds) we can get in touch with our true nature and see the impermanence of all of our thoughts. I also see emotions as energy that powers the thoughts, making them appear real, the stronger the emotion the more powerful the thoughts feel causing us to be more easily controlled by them.

    Of course, there is a similarity to how you describe these things. And, of course, these things are much easier to discuss than to live. I have days in which I see the clouds forming a storm and temporarily forget the blackened sky is covering my peace.

    Thank you for your beautiful posts. You help people see the clouds for what they are. 😀

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  2. Your understanding is perfect. Don’t allow doubts to become unneeded storms in your teacup. Haha. Words are just words. They just hint at the referent but in reality they lack the ability to portray any message – however pure – exactly as it is intended. So I agree with you, totally. Sometimes I will play with words just to shake the comfort zone of the reader but it all means well in the end. The “real deal” is beyond all form.

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