The curse of parsimony

To Conquer ego-clinging and prejudice

If from parsimony one cannot free oneself,
What is the use of discussing charity?
If one does not forswear hypocrisy and pretence,
What is the use of keeping discipline or loyalty?
If one abjures not malicious reviling,
What is the use of exercising pretentious ‘patience’?
If one abandons not indifference and inertness,
What is the use of claiming to have realized the essence Morality?
If one conquers not the errant thoughts within,
What is the use of toiling in meditation, prayer or yoga?
If one does not realize all circumstances and situations helpful,
What is the use of practicing wisdom and transcendent insight?
If one knows not the profound teaching of liberative art,
for the sake of self and others,
What is the use of learning about enlightenment?

If the poisonous snake of delusion is not killed,
The yearning for wisdom only leads to utter fallacy.
One’s longing for respect and honor
Is merely wishful thinking.
If one cannot conquer ego-clinging and subtle prejudice,
One’s longing for the equanimity of Truth
Only breeds wrong and illusory views.
If one’s actions conform not with awareness and enlightenment,
One will always hinder the good deeds of others.
If one has not absorbed one’s mind in pure awareness and Truth,
One’s babbling and prattling will only disturb others’ minds.

Therefore, the wise do not waste their life in empty words and chatter
But instead try to gain the assurance of no-regret and peace-and-bliss,
And the blessing of unsurpassable Nirvana –
The benediction of perfect, complete enlightenment.

8 thoughts on “The curse of parsimony

  1. Oh my GOD! Such thoughts…. These are way out of understanding of people!!
    You write so beautifully!! Only few people would be able to get the meaning that you wanted to convey… I understood I believe!😬

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You understand. Am not a writer but, rather, a flute. Different posts are intender for varying audiences. That’s the science of things. Thanks for the fantastic compliments you have offered, as a spring beautifully oozes water upwards unto the sky!

    Liked by 1 person

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