The folly of pragmatism

A Zen monk was sitting in Meditation once for a whole day. His Master asked him what he sought.

“My desire is to become a Buddha,” said the monk.
Master picked up a piece of brick and began to polish it on a stone. Asked to explain his action, the Master said he wished to make a mirror.

“But no amount of polishing a brick will make it into a mirror,” said the monk.

“If so, then, similarly, no amount of sitting cross-legged will make you into a Buddha,” elucidated the Master.

This is the challenge of everyone since it is the same human mind that is inherent of all beings in the world. People are unable to attain perfect awareness to foment peace and bliss because they are doing everything the exact opposite. Yes the methods for attaining enlightenment are relevant but they are just the pointers of the Way, not the Way itself.

The best way to arrive at That is to practically embed meditative contemplation or prayer in the most mundane activities in our life. During those humble moments – when we least expect/desire to attain liberation – that we actually become awakened to a higher reality. Life is beautiful but the blind man cannot see that no matter how much we try to teach him the true color of light.

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