Truth is beyond all philosophizing

The taste of universal love

Nasrudin said to his wife: “Honey is delicious, curative, precious, beautiful, quite my favorite thing”.

His wife said: “What about it?”

Nasrudin started again: “Just a moment, I haven’t finished… Honey is bad for you, causes disease, is made by insects and is therefore unwholesome!”
“How can you have two conflicting opinions about the same thing?”

“I have only one of these opinions. I’ll tell you which one it is as soon as you have told me whether there is any honey in the house”.

Mere opining does not lead to superior realizations

Just as beautifully illustrated by the Mystic Mullah Nasrudin, many fail to experience correct enlightenment because they are so busy forming their own opinions and theories concerning the essence of Truth that they utterly miss it. Enlightenment, like love, can only be known through personal experience. No matter how much beautiful and esoteric words and philosophy uses to describe Truth, that still remains to be classified as dry arguments since even beautiful words and philosophies are useless if they are not backed by a tangible experience that is replete in LIBERATIVE ART.

Also the greed to know what benefits we shall gain once we attain enlightenment bar us from actually experiencing something more. The Ultimate Truth remains reachable to the brave seeker because he alone knows how to put aside all presumptions, expectations and eccentric attitudes and grabs the bull by the horns.

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