Meditation on emptiness

All things are characterized with emptiness:

They are not born, they are not annihilated;

They are not immaculate, they are not tainted;

They do not increase, they do not decrease.

In emptiness there is no form, no sensation,

No thought, phantasm, no consciousness;

No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind;

No form, sound, color, taste, touch, objects.

There is no knowledge or ignorance.

There is no old age and death;

There is no suffering, no accumulation of merits or virtue,

No path, no pathlessness;

There is no awareness, no attainment, and no realization.

Thus, in the mind of the adept seeker who

Dwells in the meditative insight on the

Voidness of all things, situations and experiences,

There are no obstacles;

And, going beyond the perverted views,

He finally reaches highest, perfect Nirvana

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