Thought should precede speech

The spoken teaching vs the intuited teaching

While Mullah Nasrudin is strolling round the bazaar, he sees that they sell a parrot for $102. He is surprised and asks: “Why is this bird so expensive?”

“It is a parrot. It can talk,” replied the seller.

Nasrudin goes home immediately. He puts his turkey under his arm and hurriedly takes it to the bazaar hoping for a sizeable price.

“How much is the turkey?” the buyers ask.
“$105 only,” says Nasrudin.

“Does a turkey cost 105 dollars?” enquired a surprised customer.

“Don’t you see that they sell a very small parrot for 102 dollars!”

“But, at least, it has got a beautiful talent; it talks fluently like humans. What about yours?”

“It talks without thinking, but this one thinks like humans,” responded Mullah. Thought should be superior to speech, thought Nasrudin unto himself, quietly though.

Speech, a gift from the Holy Mother

Here, the mystic Mullah Nasrudin tries to teach us that one who talks without thinking not only harms himself but also harms others without knowing. Anything a person does out of unawareness just serves to perpetuate karmic causation. The parrot has no mind equal to that of a thinking human but can mimic what a person says without understanding even a single word of the speech. Yet this is the dilemma of all societies and cultures and even traditions where almost everyone tries to run away from the real experience of awareness and enlightenment but are very inclined to put on the airs of a person who completely understand reality. This is also the ‘rotten potato’ in all education systems and religion where men are very confident and content with the little learning they acquire so much so that it acts as a barrier for them to meet the REAL DEAL.

The faculties of speech are a great favor granted to humans by the Holy Mother. Thus, speaking prudently and sensibly in a way that helps to cultivate the awareness of others is devoid of the following weaknesses: pretending, faking a loving expression, acting with a temporary show of diligence, artificially calming body or speech, and being skilled in eloquent speech while completely being devoid of these virtues.

The marks of a truly enlightened man or woman (as regards communication) are sensitivity, gentle speech, courage, open-handedness, and great skill in elucidation of the profound intention (the liberative art). As such, his/her intelligence is always unimpeded about the grounded and the ungrounded, or about the spoken teaching and the intuited teaching. Effortless and unattached, he/she is unobstructed! Ever balanced in perfect concentration, he resolves all questions.

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