The man of a dull intellect

Even upon hearing profound Truth,

the man of a dull intellect

relentlessly holds on to illusion.

Through ceaseless effort and suppression,

he may appear outwardly composed,

but deep inside he craves the world (attachments).

13 thoughts on “The man of a dull intellect

  1. I agree. It’s the closest, simplest and ordinary things that seems elude the consciousness of men. Unfortunatly, life itself is simple…..only the mind is complicated. For the mind thrives on interestingness, it abhors ” boredom” : it hates to remain still.

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  2. For me, It’s better to just Be Yourself — self-realize, if you may and don’t bother about perfection or imperfection.

    Simply put, perfection and imperfection are only labels and constructs of the human mind.

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  3. Very true, but the human mind is either programmed to fail or succeed. Although there is no perfection, if we shoot for it, we won’t make it or we’ll achieve greatness. To lose your label is to lose your identity.

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  4. Woah. I love this discussion. I love the fact that you are able to recognize that the human mind only functions through PROGRAMMING in the first place before we can talk about success or failure. Who programs it and for what purpose? How does the programming help to perpetuate the world’s realities and illusions long after we leave the world?
    I enjoy this discussion, would be happy if you can continue it Mr Jokers’ Wild.

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