Spiritual humor concerning the other 99.9%

Ordinarily, the better part of all human society, through space and time, constitute of living beings whose spiritual sleep is colossal. The humor below provides a glimpse into this interesting dimension of life. Thus it was taught by the old masters that everything else that humans do – trade, love, governance, religion, education – is done in a subtle state of sleep. This is very difficult to know in a world where everything is established and conditioned upon this great fallacy.


Mullah Nasrudin said one day to the king of Persia (13th century A.D.):

“I have seen a drunk in my life”.

“Then perhaps you keep off the streets at night and drink alone?” said the king, thoughtfully.

“No, I am always in company”, responded the Mullah.

“Then how comes you never see anyone drunk?”

“Because I am always the first to pass out”.

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