Spiritual Humor – Part I

Below is a Sufi joke to give a brief description of the experience of life. We constantly abandon our the Soul and its nourishment thereof in the guise of leaving to go look for ways to redeem it. In the guise of searching for fulfillment – enlightenment – we abandon and forget the needs and wants of our spiritual being, thereby compromising our own spiritual development. In the end we sadly realize that we have spent so much time and resources investing in the wrongly perceived self. This is the situation in all society and in all human life where we become too conditioned that we fall prey to the Devil’s demands and abandon the holy and wakeful life we are intended to live as is evident in everyone’s spiritual gene.


Nasrudin met a friend on the road.

“Will you please do something for me?” said Nasrudin.

“Certainly, Mullah, what is it?” replied the friend.

“There is a man who has fallen into a well over there. I am going to get him a rope so that he can climb out. Kindly go and tell him not to go away until I get back”.

Like Mullah Nasrudin, many people in our lives – government, priests, friends, relatives etc. – appear to be helping us cultivate a good life and future but its only when you sink deep in the well of adversity that you slowly (if one is lucky enough to meet a reliable and dependable Guru) begin to realize all folly of life.

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