The mind beyond mind


This mind – the mind before mind –
Through endless millennia without beginning,
Has never varied. It has never
Lived or died, appeared or disappeared
Increased or decreased. It’s not pure or impure,
Good or evil, it doesn’t dwell in past or future.
It’s not true or false. It’s not male or female.
It doesn’t appear as spiritual or unspiritual,
Knowledgeable or non-knowledgeable,
A sage or a fool, an enlightened or a mortal.
It strives for no realization and suffers no karma.
It has no strength or form. It’s like space.
You can’t possess it and yet you can’t lose it.
It’s movement can’t be stopped by mountains,
Oceans, or glass walls. Its unstoppable power
Penetrates the Mountain of all the stages
To unlock stores of merit and cross the Ocean of unawareness.


No karma can restrain this subtle and great mind.
But this dimension is subtle and hard to see.
It’s not the same as the sensual mind –
The one that responds to intellectualism, pain and pleasure etc.
Everyone wants to see this mind, and those
Who move their hands and feet by its light are
As many as several billion, but when you ask them,
They can’t explain it. They’re like puppets.
It’s theirs to use. Why don’t they see it?
The masters of the old said that people,
As we know them, are deluded. This is why
When they act they fall deeper in the Ocean of endless rebirth.
Yet when they try to get out,
They only sink deeper. And all because
They haven’t discovered their true nature.
If people weren’t deluded,
They would immediately see what’s before their eyes.
Apparently, not many of them understands
The movement of their own hands and feet.

The old masters were not mistaken. Deluded
People don’t know who they are.
Something so hard to fathom is known by a Buddha
And no one else. Only the wise know this mind, this
Mind called supreme, perfect, complete enlightenment.
If attained, neither life nor death can restrain this mind. Nothing can.
It’s also called the Unstoppable Perfect Guide,
The incomprehensible, the Sacred Self, the Immortal, the Great Sage.
Its names and labels vary but not its essence.

25 thoughts on “The mind beyond mind

  1. So, can’t one be enlightened to this timeless mind and still live in the cycle of rebirth? Maybe it’s just me, but the concept of a nothingness of this magnitude without end would seem to be a pointless existence, or nonexistence. Now, to exist with awareness of the duality would, to me, be another matter.
    Maybe you have some insight that I’m just missing…?

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  2. Indeed, you are right. Actually my message is about how one can be enlightened to this timeless mind. That is our original face whose discovery precipitates a brand new beginning. Don’t allow your brilliant understanding be teased by my apparent contradictions – that is just one of my skillful means to test the understanding of the reader. Know what I mean?

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  3. Seems your poems and comments are already Mahayana (The Great Vehicle . . . caring for all sentient beings enlightenment) (Sutrayana is The Lesser Vehicle where one works on one’s inner being) . . . like steps on a ladder, Sutrayana comes first and eases into Mahayana)

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  4. How is it possible that any worldly mind can see or ever know the Truth ? Or that the Truth exists beyond it. Our mind learns what others tell us is true and right and spiritually important. Enlightenment is just a concept. When you transcend your mind and realize that you are not the body/mind, you will be closer to what you are and it is not a separate person. We must not trust any other people to tell us the Truth. They may point us in the direction with human words but the realization has no formula that can lead you to “realize” who and what you are. Enlightenment is not something to seek or know. This is a worldly word that doesn’t mean much….The mind is always looking for something to give you that will insure your survival. Your continuation. It is not capable of seeking anything that has to do with a higher state of being. I just wrote a post on what I learned about enlightenment…..check it out…’s at I welcome your response to my comments… Blessings. H.

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  5. There is no contradiction in my teaching at all. The obscuration appears in your mind. I like the way you challenge the liberative art I teach here. Why do you hang so much onto words I say? I have seen your beautiful website.

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  6. You are working to awaken others to the reality of who they are not. I admire your dedication to this process and we both know the limitations of words and the limitations of the mind to interprete what these words convey.

    Will you share with us your journey and how you have come to know what you hold to be the Truth of what you teach. Blessings. H.

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