Buddha-nature, the essence of pure awareness

The word Buddha-nature is Sanskrit for pure awareness, miraculous awareness. Responding, perceiving, arching your eye-brows, blinking your eyes, moving your hands and feet, it’s all your miraculously aware nature. And this nature is beyond the grasp of the ordinary mind. This is the Buddha-nature. And the Buddha-nature is the path that leads to the perfect enlightenment – it is the path given different labels across different traditions and lines of knowledge. And the path is Zen. But the word Zen (Enlightenment) – as has been explained that the path is designated disparate labels and names in different places – is one that remains a puzzle to many a mortals and sages. Seeing your nature is made of the stuff of pure awareness – the Buddha-nature – is perfect Zen.

Even if one can recite and explain thousands of scriptures or wise quotes, unless you discover your intrinsic nature their study and eloquence are without benefit. The true Way is sublime. It cannot be expressed in whatever language, not even in the most sophisticated language or symbolism or secrecy. Of what use are doctrines and scriptures? But someone who discovers their true nature finds the true Way, even if he can’t read a word. Hence, degrees or sophistication are not factors in this realm of beingness. Someone who realizes his true nature is a Buddha in the making. And since a Buddha’s consciousness is intrinsically pure and unsullied, and everything he says is an expression of his pure awareness, his mind being basically empty, the Buddha-nature (enlightenment) doesn’t dwell in words or writings or scriptures.

The Way to the supreme is basically perfect; it doesn’t require perfecting with endless opinions or philosophizing. The Way has no form or sound. The True Gospel of Christ or a Buddha cannot be found in music or images – it is shapeless. It is subtle and hard to perceive. It’s like when you drink water: you know perfectly how cold or hot it is yet it’s hard to tell others exactly how it is – thusly the state of enlightenment is SUCH BY NATURE. Of that which a perfect Buddha knows, men and gods remain unaware and absolutely clueless. The awareness of mortals falls short, by far, to this boundless and inconceivable pure awareness. For, as long as they attached to mere appearances, they are unaware if they can possibly become ‘more’. And by mistakenly clinging to the appearance of things and phenomena, they lose the Way.

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