Truth has no form and pervades everywhere

There is no place to rest in this world – it is like a house on fire. This is not a place to stay long. The murderous demon of impermanence (death) strikes in a single instance, without choosing between high or low class, rich or poor status, old and young. Many fail to see their Essence Within because keep looking for Thatness outside. The non-discriminating light of one’s own awareness at any instant is the perfect enlightenment in their ‘house’.

One arrives to this perfect clarity only by not running and searching outside of themselves. The scholars of various scriptures regard the manifestation of the three pillars (Trinity) of Divinity as absolute. As I see it, this is not so. These three pillars of spirituality and religion are merely names, or props. All corpus established by the supremely enlightened beings are set up with subtle reference to meaning; while the various planes of consciousness are distinguished with special reference to substance – experiential enlightenment. However clearly understood, all these are but mental configurations just to help guide the seeker towards the proper experience of the perfect reality and Truth.

The noble ones seek and get to know the one who conjures and plays with these mental configurations. That is the source of all awareness and enlightened beings. Thus knowing Thatness, wherever you are is home. The carnal mind as we know it cannot understand sublime Truths. How then is Truth to be understood or listened to?

When passions and attachments arise, wisdom and transcendental insight are disrupted; and the mind’s understanding is destroyed by the changing mental pictures and realities. This is the primary cause of transmigrations in the lower planes of existence with its concomitant and endless suffering. There is little as to why people in this day and age should fail to awaken to supreme Truth, save for their unnoticeable selfishness and delusion of separateness, since as I see it, there is nothing in the world that is not profound, nothing that is not made of the stuff of Deliverance.

Truth has no form and pervades everywhere and all locations – It transcends time and space. In the eye, it is called seeing; in the ear, hearing; in the nose, smelling; in the mouth, speech; in the hands, grasping; in the feet, walking. Fundamentally, it is one light – illumination; differentiated, it becomes the six senses. When one’s whole heart comes to a full stop – pure awareness -, one is delivered (enlightened) wherever they are. Many are those who miss the point because they relentlessly run about with an agitated heart, and quite unable to stop, fretting themselves over the playthings and dry bones of the old masters, prophets, scriptures’ scholars and unproductive methods.

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