​Truth – the death-reviving drug is a lifesaver

The nectar of pure Truth
A perfectly enlightened man speaks not from hearsay, nor with pomp;

His words are sensible and direct from the heart,

They withstand criticism and analysis.

So with care the wise listen to such an individual.

He who imbibes or practices not the Truth with devotion,

Can at most become a mere fanatic.

These sorts of people are well-versed in rhetoric and language.

Knowing much of enlightenment philosophy, they possess

Sufficient powers and work wonders. 

Living in comfort, they enjoy all pleasures.

But since they do not practice the pure Truth,

Nor take heed of their minor faults, 

They can never free themselves 

From worldly desires and self-conceit.

Thus universal great compassion and perfect 

Enlightenment will never arise in them, 

Nor will the buds of pain within them wither.

In the sea of darkness they will forever flounder.

Much knowledge, sharp intelligence, and mighty fame – 

These powers are like fire and gasoline, scorching one’s mind.

One can be sure that unhappiness

Will result from his unconscious deeds. Practice 

Of Truth and enlightenment is the unmistaken Way.

The death-reviving drug is a lifesaver,

But it is useless if not taken.

Should a sick man wish to be cured,

He should take the RIGHT medicine.

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