The path of the genius

One is called spiritual genius for a distinctive reason:

For understanding reality well,

For understanding well the universal aim of Awakening,

For understanding everything,

For permanent understanding,

And for understanding the liberative (Nirvana) arts.

One is called genius for this reason:

For understanding the Self,

For understanding the subtle views,

For recognizing the variousness of different ideas,

And for realizing the illusory construction of everything by beings.

One is to be called a genius for this reason:

For understanding non-understanding (misknowledge),

For understanding the well understood (knowledge),

For understanding nonexistence (the imaginatively constructed),

And for experiential understanding  through non-understanding, that is,

Experiential understanding of understanding

By means of its non-understandability.

4 thoughts on “The path of the genius

  1. Indeed Mr Simon. Thanks. Am actually looking forward to meeting like minded persons so that we can make this holy endeavor move onto the next phase, to Awaken others in more effective ways since a blog just limits me to very few internet views while the potential for more keeps knocking on the holy doors.



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