The sweeter fruit of Karma

The world/life as we know it is made and 

Produced by Karma; all beings are the result

And originated from it as ‘motive’; 

Beings are, thus, divided into groups, categories 

And status based on this immutable natural Law.

Thusly the variety of the world/life is born from Karma;

Karma means motivation and motivatedness.

Yet that which is set up by the motivation

Are bodily and verbal activities.

Even after a thousand centuries,

The actions of beings are never lost.

When the perfect conditions come together in one mansion,

Their fruit gets to ripen to perfection.

Therefore, cause-and-effect results are very deep.

The old Teachers  said: The view is higher than the sky,

But actions and their effects are finer than the finest flour.

The wise pay minute attention to their actions and their consequent effects

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