The wisdom of self-awareness

All appearances and occurrences in the worldly phenomena
Do not exist apart from the mind of self-awareness,
For the view and appearance of the mind knowing itself.
So whatever appears is an experience of self-awareness that perceives it.
If the mind and these phenomena are not the same,
Then the phenomena must be totally different
From the mind and can have no relationship with the mind.
Without a relationship between them,
Then such phenomena would not appear to mind.
This is the way we delineate the conventional
existence of phenomena.

The mind is the base of all phenomena.

If one properly analyzes the nature of the mind through perfect meditation,

He will find that all temporary conceptual contaminations

Are profound and vast.

This is a dimension extremely analyzed by

the wise men and women of past, present and future.

Thus, from the primordial time,

One’s own mind is free from all the conceptual cognitions

Of whether it is existent or nonexistent, yes or no,

Good or bad, extreme externalist or extreme nihilist etc.

This kind of understanding is called

The wisdom of self-awareness.

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