​Jesus: The second coming, as a thief

Jesus promised to come back as a thief. Here the word thief symbolizes the fact that he would reappear when the entire world has fallen into great darkness of ignorance and none would be able to recognize or understand his message of Liberation and perfect enlightenment. This is just human nature, to forget what exactly we were sent here to accomplish. The modern man is very flattered by the inventions of science and technology. So much has changed in the past 2,000 years that mankind has altered his reverence for the Self and other beings too. 
Below is a Zen story to help the reader to have a better picturesque of the concept being discussed herein. We are all living in a world where the profane modes of life are elevated so much so that men no longer have anywhere to escape to. Why do I say this? All forms of religion and societies have by now become equally profane – a time when the realm of the Most High have become impervious to the cries of men thanks to the destruction of spirituality that has spread everywhere. The word sacrifice is absolutely forgotten. In the Zen story, the Master Ikkyu was a supremely enlightened person but when he appeared at the party disguised as a beggar nobody would recognize him at all. The same applies to the modern world: there is a big party in the world where pleasure, information and comfort – yes, and privacy – have become natural to all men such that they (including the Christians) would easily dismiss the Christ if he appeared. I guess history repeats itself.


Wealthy patrons invited Ikkyu to a banquet. Ikkyu arrived dressed in his beggar’s robes. The host, not recognizing him, chased him away. Ikkyu went home, changed into his ceremonial robe of purple brocade, and returned.

With great respect, he was received into the banquet room. There, he put his robe on the cushion, saying, “Evidently you invited the robe since you showed me away a little while ago,” and left.

9 thoughts on “​Jesus: The second coming, as a thief

  1. I loved that short story. We too often see only the image, not the real person.

    A Sufi was invited to the palace by the King. It is customary to bring a gift for His Majesty. He brought a wilted flower. The courtier said “how can you such a thing as a gift?”

    The Sufi replied “all of the other flowers in my garden were open and praying. This one had finished.”

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  2. 😆 I love that story.

    I can definitely identify with it since I’ve never placed importance on appearance. I only buy clothes when I need them. I was once sitting on a bench in NYC and had just finished drinking a cup of coffee. I was still holding the cup in my hand and a woman dropped change in it. I’m serious, that actually happened to me. 😀 I laughed about it, but some of the people I relayed the story to thought I should be embarrrassed by it. 😆

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  3. This has made me laugh for a moment. People are so conditioned to reach to appearances that they never have the compassion to examine deeply what exactly is going on. This is a serious situation as it is the source of all human suffering.

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  4. Isn’t it amazing that some of my countrymen want to build a wall against perceived thieves, while electing others to our highest office…We are in serious trouble if Jesus (a name quite common south of our border) turns up in Mexico…I personally hope that He does. Or perhaps in Syria. Or as a Palestinian. After reading the BIble, I am pretty sure He has a healthy sense of irony…

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