Quintessence of correct Meditation

The litmus test for Meditation

Kindly see in the link above the interesting read by the same author as originally guest-posted.

The ultimate path

Without first eliminating doubts through study, one can never be able to practice meditation. The old masters said: 

   To meditate without having studied

   Is like climbing a huge rock without the              pertinent equipment to do so.

Eliminating doubts through study doesn’t mean that we have to know all the vast and innumerable subjects that there are to be known. In this short life time and degenerated era, it would never be possible to know all the subjects. Whatever the teachings we are going to put into practice, we should know exactly how to do so from beginning to end without a single mistake. Any hesitation we might have, we should clear away by reflecting on those teachings.

You can tell whether someone has eaten by how red his face is. Similarly, you can tell whether know and practice the proper meditation and whether it really works as a remedy for their negative emotions and ego-clinging.

Litmus test for Meditation

If it counteracts with negative emotions it is Meditation. If it doesn’t, it is non-Meditation. If doesn’t fit with the worldly ways, it is Meditation. If it fits, it is non-Meditation. If it fits with the scriptures and enlightened instructions, it is Meditation. If it doesn’t it is non-Meditation. 

If it leaves a positive imprint, it is Meditation. If it leaves a negative imprint, it is non-Meditation. Therefore, we should study thoroughly first before practicing Meditation in order to be properly rooted in enlightenment and Bliss.

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