​There is no enlightenment outside of worldly life

There is a subtle reason why all scriptures and creation theories emphasize that man was made from mud. Here mud symbolizes the mundane. If we can thoroughly understand and transcend the mundane world, then we would find that we have become enlightened. 

Even God Himself manifests this way every time throughout the history of mankind. This also serves to demystify the idea of Oneness of all form as emphasized by all Truths revealed through different enlightened beings through time and space – through history and in different parts of the world.

The concept of transmigration

The enlightened Zen Master asked his monks, “What kind of eyes (insight) do they have who transmigrate to the six worlds (of existence)?”

It is understood that those who are not enlightened will eventually transmigrate to the six worlds: the world of hell (endless suffering), the world of hungry demons (where greed reigns supreme), the world of animals (utter ignorance), the world of bloodshed (killing – Hollywood horror movies paint a rough sketch of this), the world of man (moral rectitude, happiness, and sorrow) and the world of angels (happiness only). The seventh world is the Enlightened beings’ world.

When one attains the perfect enlightenment, one need not transmigrate (suffer) further. Kenpo asked his monks what kind of eyes they have, those who go again and again into the six worlds. To begin with, those who live in the six worlds do not have eyes to see. Their blind ignorance is the very reason they live in such greed and suffering. 

Zen teaches reality beyond reason, reality itself.

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