​The cancer of the 12 useless deeds


1. Having got the rare human life, not to observe the Truth is like returning empty handed from the Island of jewels. So the life is useless. 
2. Having generated the intention to attain enlightenment, to remain overly indulged in worldly life is like a moth dying in the flame of fire. So the life is useless.

3. Having no faith in Truth while living with or having met a great teacher of Enlightenment is like dying of thirst while living on the shore of an ocean. So the life is useless.

In those who lack faith

Nothing positive will grow,

Just as from a burnt seed

No green shoot does ever sprout.

4. Meditation that does not cure the basic faults (of the mind) and ego is like an axe that does not cut down the poisonous tree. So, life is useless. 

5. Teachings are worthless if they do not mitigate the hindrances just like medicines in the pharmacy of a physician not being used for curing a patient. So, life is useless.

6. Awakening untranslated into the real life is like the recitations of a parrot who does not understand the meanings of what he says. So, life is useless. 

7. By taking this life for granted and in order to be merely happy by oneself through self-deception and escaping Truth is just like an attempt to attach a mouse to a cat. So, life is useless.

8. To perform the great acts of virtue for the sake of accumulating fame, name and wealth in this life is like exchanging a wish-fulfilling jewel for a wood apple or for a little fried flour. So, life is useless. 

9. After having sufficiently studied and hearing about Truth/enlightenment, if the mind does not change, the person concerned remains insufficient and worthless, as a physician is unable to cure himself of cancer. So, life is useless. 

10. The rich instructions (offered by a dependable Teacher) are worthless, if not translated into real life just like the lost key to the treasury of a rich person. So, life is useless.

11. To teach Enlightenment without proper understanding of its real meaning is like a blind person leading another sightless one. So, life is useless.

12. To overlook the practical aspect of life because of the fast experience gained from tricks (especially from institutions of higher learning and from the society also), and not to search for the true nature of things are just like assuming brass to be gold. So, life is useless.

2 thoughts on “​The cancer of the 12 useless deeds

  1. Isn’t it a shame most of us ask the question “what is the meaning of Life” and then we distract ourselves with the very cheap and tawdry things that disenfranchise any answer the universe has already placed before our eyes?

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