​The state of longing for the Divine

Blessed indeed are those who harbor a  longing for the divine; because they desire to rise above  ordinary life towards the life of a seeker and because, despite their worldly desires, they have a thirst for truth. The people who have felt the thirst for truth are fortunate; out of the billions of people who are born, only a staggering few ever experience the longing for truth. To know truth is a great blessing – but even to have the longing for it is as great a blessing. Even if you don’t attain it that is okay, but to never have experienced the thirst at all would be a great misfortune.

It is not important to know truth. What is important is that one have the sincere longing for it, that she makes every effort towards experiencing it, that you work hard for it and yearn for it, and that she is determined and will do everything she can possibly do towards this end. If in spite of this she doesn’t  attain it that does not matter. But never to have experienced this thirst at all – that would be the greatest human tragedy.

To know truth is not as important as to have an authentic yearning for it. That yearning is a joy and an attainment in itself. If the desire is for something insignificant (like cars, love, certificates and so forth), there will be no joy even if you get it; but if you long for the significant, the ultimate and you don’t get it, then you will be filled with joy even if you don’t get it. The divine will be born in you according to the intensity with which you seek it.

10 thoughts on “​The state of longing for the Divine

  1. Indeed there is true joy in this seeking. A seeker experiences joy even when the yearning and the living of the truth in the moment is a humanly painful experience. It is indeed a blessing to be led and supported through this pure seeking …a desire of high virtue …material abundance is sometimes a great side effect of a truthful life.

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  2. O thanks Anita! Your comment is the best read for me today. The first two sentences surpasses thousands of Divine-Knowledge in thousands of books.


    I shall take this as my mantra for the rest of the month. Thanks Anita. Blessed by you and the beautiful, peaceful holy country Mauritius.


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