​The rabbit-hole of human ignorance

Just as illustrated in the Sufi joke below, human ignorance has no beginning or end. It is for that reason why many are usually beyond deliverance or liberation their education or status notwithstanding. Very few in this life are able to annihilate their ego-mind to arrive at a place where the floodgates of wisdom replace the folly of measureless ignorance. However, I have found that there is a very intimate relationship between arrogance and ignorance – where the former perpetuates the latter with no end in sight and at very subtle levels. Arrogance is the subconscious resistance to Thatness, something that may be regarded as the original sin since nobody is born ignorant. Nature is perfect.
“When you see moles’ holes, don’t you ever wonder what they do with the earth that they dig out, leaving nothing visible outside?” a close friend asked Mullah Nasrudin.
“No I do not”, replied Nasrudin.
“Why not, Mullah?” 
“Because I know that they start at the other end, in the middle of the earth, and fill up the hole as they go along”. 
“But how do they get into the middle of the earth in the first place?” inquired the friend in utter bewilderment.
“I regret to inform you that today is my day for answering only one question at a time”.

8 thoughts on “​The rabbit-hole of human ignorance

  1. In every cult and culture the arrogant & mean drive at preeminence. Then, whether Mullah or Rabbi, once status is acquired, with it one too often finds themselves in possession of a need to protect its facade from besmirchment by admission of error, bias, or lack of data.

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