​Criticism of criticism of criticism of philosophy

Philosophy to the enlightened is sheer wastage of time – not only of theirs but of others’ too – because philosophy is nothing but a mind game. It is not the way to find the truth, it is not the way to find love, it is not the way to find beauty; it only goes on making systems of empty words.
A good number of clues but peculiarly eloquent philosophers have unconsciously deceived millions of beings. And they have prevented millions from going in search to find the key to the mysteries of life. Philosophy has never transformed anyone. It gives people swollen heads, but it does not bring a revolution in their life; no metamorphosis happens through it. It is the greatest deception that man has been giving to himself and to others. It has given beautiful words for people to play with. It has treated people like children; and those who have remained playing with those words have remained children, retarded.

There is a place beyond all words and mind-tricks which is the source of incomparable Bliss, wisdom and Knowledge. Philosophy has a certain addictive finesse and taste that makes many complacent to reach to a higher realm in their consciousness. The brave crosses the ocean to the other shore unhesitatingly upon seeing the futility of all philosophy and mind-creations. Yet official philosophy is not any different from the ordinary casual chit-chat of men in any random day in their lives. 

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