​Of superstition-mongers

It is unfortunate that in the world of to-day the superstition-mongers continue to flourish in numbers and in followings; but to be factual and successful in Truth, people would only respect you if you support their superstitions and unexamined beliefs, even though by supporting their superstitions you would be poisoning them. They will be very respectful to you – they will make you a saint, they will make you a prophet, they will make you a savior. But on the condition that you don’t disturb their superstitions. Their superstitions have lived with them for so long, and they have accepted them as absolute truth and have been very comfortable with them – because there is no need to search for truth in them; they already have it. They believe they are enlightened.
The moment you criticize their superstitions, the whole crowd of humanity becomes antagonistic to you; they all turn into enemies to you. All the supremely awakened men and women of the past, present and future have experienced it this their whole teaching life. Thousands of people go to them and later disappear. 

The fame of those who spend their short lives peddling mere superstition while unconsciously misleading others about the path to liberation depends only on one thing: not that they have (or will) contributed anything to human growth, not that they have made this planet more beautiful, not that life has become more joyous, not that love has become more juicy, but because they were in absolute support of the people’s superstitions, their beliefs, their fictions, which are consolatory by nature; they keep you them where they are – no progress whatsoever on the path to enlightenment. They save them the trouble of finding the truth. They save them the trouble of transforming yourself into a higher being.

Superstition forms an obfuscation of the Ultimate Reality. To transcend this great folly is to attune oneself with the perfect Divine, and that consequently leads to attainment of great excellences in the path to freedom that is free of all stains and impurities.

2 thoughts on “​Of superstition-mongers

  1. You understand, completely, what I mean. Superstitions still exist and now in more subtle forms that is hard to fathom especially when they are so devolved as they are in the modern Age.

    Thanks a lot Ortensia.

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