​Compassion towards nature

When you are sitting on the bank of a river/lake/forest, give love to the river. I am talking about the river/lake/forest because to give love to a person could be a little difficult. Give love to a tree – I am talking about a tree because it may be hard to give love to a person. First of all, send love to nature. The anahat chakra, the heart center can flow more easily towards nature because nature is not wounding you and knows how to reciprocate compassion.

In the ancient days – when men were still humbled by the magnificence of nature – people were amazing: they would send messages of love to the whole world! When the sun rose in the morning they would greet it with folded hands saying, “Glory to you! In your infinite compassion you give us light and radiance.” And this worship was not pagan at all, it was not out of ignorance; it had meaning, it had great meaning. It would be impossible for someone who was filled with love for the sun, who just by calling Nature his mother, becomes filled with love, who calls the earth his mother and by remembering this is filled with love, to harbor a dislike for people for very long. It is not possible. There is a subtle purification that comes with sincere reverence for Nature.  These were amazing people who gave messages of love to all of nature. They cultivated prayer, love and devotion everywhere.

This is needed. If you want the seed of love inside you to sprout, the very first thing is to send a message of love to nature. But we are such strange people in these modern times: the moon will be in the sky the whole night and you will be sitting and working all night long, and we would be calculating how much we are going to earn as a result of our material efforts. The moon will be up there and a beautiful opportunity for love will be lost for nothing. The moon could have awakened that center of love within you. If you could sit with the moon for a few enchanted moments and convey a message of love, its rays could move something inside you, some essence, and you would be filled with love.

There are opportunities everywhere…there are opportunities everywhere in Nature for sure. Existence is full of amazing things – give love to them. Whenever you get any opportunity to love unconditionally, don’t let it pass, use it. For example, you are walking along the road and there is a stone or a bent twig on the road – move it aside. This is an opportunity that comes completely free of charge, and it will transform your whole life. This work is very inexpensive! What could be a more inexpensive meditation than this? – you are walking on the road and you see a stone; you pick it up and put it on the side of the road. Who knows who might be passing by, and who knows who might be injured by the stone? You have carried out an act of love. I am telling you this because very small things in life cultivate the seed of love within you, very small, small things.

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