The Apologia pro Vita Sua of a Sage


That even the  people  of  the  countryside (the illiterate and the semi-literate)  who  do  not know  the  meanings  of  written  characters and who  are  painfully  and  hopelessly  ignorant, may  easily  understand,  I  have (and will) sometimes repeated the same  things  over  and over.  The  educated (the unenlightened scholars) will probably  find  such writing  peculiar  and may ridicule  it.  

But paying  no  heed  to  such criticisms,  I  write only that  ignorant  people may  easily  grasp  the meaning; having grown in Africa where I have seen many people languish in sufferings due to utter ignorance attributable to illiteracy. Worth of noting is that one may have an undergraduate degree and still appear to be illiterate concerning the ways of wisdom. Hence, here, education does not necessarily refer to that kind of tricks and discrimination we learn in closed classrooms – I mean something entirely different that is independent of all human mind and connivance.

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