The lost keys to Heaven

Whatever  may  occur,  as  far  as  life  is concerned,  one  should  just  recall  constantly and unselfconsciously  the  depths  of  God’s benevolence  and  one’s  gratitude  for  it, without any contriving.  Then  the  perfect Self-realization will  emerge.  This  is  the  meaning of pure awareness. Pure awareness  is none  other than  being  free of  all (afflicted) calculation.  It is  itself  Otherworldly  Power. This opens the door to the irreversible stage towards perfect enlightenment.

The attaining of this state of irreversibility or nonretrogression is in itself, in a way, to attain the realm of Heaven.  And even at  death, when, by  allowing  ourselves  to  be  carried  on  the ship of Vow for perfect awakening, we  have crossed this precarious ocean  of  birth-and-death,  so  full  of  suffering,  and  attained  the shore  of  the  Pure Heaven,  then  the  moon  of awakening  to  things  as  they  truly  are  will immediately  appear, and  becoming  one  with the  unhindered  light  filling  the  entire cosmos, we  will  benefit  all sentient  beings.  At  that moment  we  attain the spirit and conception of enlightenment.

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